Memento Mori

Memento Mori

Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt? Ubi nunc…?

Where are those who were before us that, in the XII century, lived convinced that life was blessed by the proximity of God and claimed that the higher and the more LIGHTED WERE the sacred buildings, THE CLOSER would be from heavens?…
The pyramid, symbol of hierarchy, apogee, prayer (Aztecs) and tomb (Egypt), assumes in this piece, an architectural structure with Gothic influence, where the light goes in through the four faces, embellished with rosaces and arches in ogive, and transfixes on a central point, the glass bulb.

The vertex is the proximity of the Divine, and the base of white marble, built in Gothic capitals, symbolizes the reflection of light and the peaceful transition to death.
 The two fundamental elements for life, water and air, contained in the glass bulb, are, metaphorically, the relationship between Man, the essential and protective energies surrounding us, defying the laws of gravity.
Whenever the Man wishes, this balance can be altered causing the leakage of water, drop by drop, thus allowing the contact of the energy with your body.
To restore this imbalance, the replenishment of water is done via syringe.
This piece has the role of pacifying the relationship life – death – spiritualism.

Where now..?


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