Medically Prescribed Jewellery VI

Medically Prescribed Jewellery

Part 6 | Intra-Corporeal Prosthesis | Joint Replacement

Regarding present and future biotechnological advances that allow the praxis of an object penetrating and perforating skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue and the possibility of inserting others in a deeper level within the body, thus turning it into the manipulated surface that carries the uncanny equivalence between body and dummy and its inside represented as a crypt, by means of re-shaping one’s physicality, here are presented six levels of jewellery, organised by their visibility, in which are introduced the concepts of sub-dermal, exo-dermal, exo-corporeal and intra-corporeal jewellery.

Hip replacement.

Can not be seen or touched, unless perceived through X-ray or any other future body scan.

As a hipper-valorization of the surgical circumstance, and beseeching self-pleasure by re-designing the body, emerges the potential of encrusting diamonds on the prosthesis, recreating its structure by turning it lighter, engraving poems or meaningful sentences/texts and playing with the way the prosthesis is perceived in the X-ray, turning it into a piece of exquisite jewellery that one does not wear for a public scenario but rather for what it means for the self, as if hidden treasure, defying the conventional aim of adornment.

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