Medically Prescribed Jewellery V

Medically Prescribed Jewellery

Part5 | Sub-Dermal

Regarding present and future biotechnological advances that allow the praxis of an object penetrating and perforating skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue and the possibility of inserting others in a deeper level within the body, thus turning it into the manipulated surface that carries the uncanny equivalence between body and dummy and its inside represented as a crypt, by means of re-shaping one’s physicality, here are presented six levels of jewellery, organised by their visibility, in which are introduced the concepts of sub-dermal, exo-dermal, exo-corporeal and intra-corporeal jewellery.


Bone plate – Bone enhancement.

Can not be seen but can be felt through touch; Eventually perforating skin.

Taking the primary objectives of body modification sub-dermal implants, issuggested the possibility of recreating and implanting bone plates made of precious materials that can be inserted for both health and adornment purposes. These plates are to be custom made and the shape, size and material may vary to the wearer’s wish. These can be with raised surfaces or eventually even perforating the skin, thus having direct contact with the outside.

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