Medically Prescribed Jewellery IV

Medically Prescribed Jewellery

Part 4 | Exo-Corporeal

Regarding present and future biotechnological advances that allow the praxis of an object penetrating and perforating skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue and the possibility of inserting others in a deeper level within the body, thus turning it into the manipulated surface that carries the uncanny equivalence between body and dummy and its inside represented as a crypt, by means of re-shaping one’s physicality, here are presented six levels of jewellery, organised by their visibility, in which are introduced the concepts of sub-dermal, exo-dermal, exo-corporeal and intra-corporeal jewellery.


Denture, mouth device.

Can not be seen unless the person wearing the device allows it, making a physical effort.

Within orthodontics, is presented the hypotheses of embellishing dentistry apparatuses, creating an interface between the visibility of the inside and outside of the wearers body, where the piece has not been surgically implanted but can not be seen unless the wearer allows it, thus making a certain physical effort, meaning in this case a forced opening of the mouth.

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